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About George Watts

  • June 11, 2019

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George Watts began his career as Director of Human Resources for a large marketing firm. In 1985, he founded Executive Visions, a talent management consulting firm. For over ten years he interviewed and assessed several thousand executives, delivered training programs and performed organizational development, team building. He returned to industry where he rose to became CEO of a mid-cap company. He also has served as EVP of two large firms.

Several years ago George started his current firm, Achilles Solutions Talent Management now known as AST Management in Chicago.

George graduated from William and Mary with a doctorate in Counseling Psychology and a strong emphasis in assessment and organizational development.

He has published two books, “Power Vision” and “Buy Straw Hats in January”.  He has published journal articles and currently is a board member of the Society of Psychologists in Management  (SPIM).

He hosts the Chicago radio program, “The Business Doctor,” which airs Sundays on WCPT 850 AM at 11:00 a.m. CST, member of the Chicago Economic Club and currently a board member of the Society of Psychologists in Management (SPIM).