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About Doug Wolfe

  • March 20, 2020

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Mr. Wolfe has been the General Counsel of a leading distressed-debt hedge fund strategy overseeing the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars in the space over a span of 14 years. He has been integral in identifying and executing of thousands of off market transactions, specializing in the debt of bankrupt corporate entities. He has helped negotiate and implement investments across the capital structure of such companies including his role in Creditors’ Committees, Equity Committees and as a participant and Chairman of Post Confirmation Litigation Committees. Mr. Wolfe’s post reorganization roles focus on reorganization and litigation strategies against everyone from individuals to some of the largest banks, hedge funds and companies throughout the US and international community.

Prior to working at the distressed investment firm, Mr. Wolfe was General Counsel of a number of companies including a telecommunications company and for a boutique sports and broadcasting agency representing high-profile announcers and athletes in the world of sports and entertainment. He has also been part of the legal departments in companies at the top of their industries including the 7th largest cable company in the United States and a large international entertainment company.In addition to sourcing opportunities, the firm will provide both legal and advisory services in all types of distressed business situations to maximize client goals and achieve a successful solution to unconventional problems in any arena.