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About Dan Waterloo

  • October 18, 2021

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Dan is a native Chicagoan. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering from University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. He received an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Business. He received a Masters of Project Management from Keller Graduate School of Business in1991.

After college, Dan worked for Schlumberger Well Services, in the oil fields of West Texas. He moved back to Chicago in 1979, selling test equipment to Electrical Engineers (EEs) (Tektronix). Then he sold electronics components to EEs as a Manufacturer’s Representative (Dolin Sales). In 1984, started selling Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools to Electrical Engineers (Cadence Design Systems). In 1993, he became a VAR (Value added reseller) of CAD software (self employed). As an entrepreneur, Dan had to learn marketing, developed a direct mail company, and email marketing company, as well as digital marketing service. In the early 2000’s, Dan created a ‘private cloud’… currently consisting of about 50 servers that provide digital marketing and communication services. In 2017, Dan started teaching ‘Entrepreneurship in Industry’ INTM 477 at IIT. That same year, he started co-chairing the Blockchain and Crypto currencies Special interest group at (Chicago fintech incubator/accelerator) 2020. He taught IBM Skills Academy Blockchain for Business class at IIT. In 2021, he is teaching MBA 534 (Blockchain) at Stuart School of Business. Dan truly has a diverse background in technology and business. He is an E=entrepreneur, pivoting as business conditions evolved. He has a personal interest in Blockchain and currency/cryptocurrency