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About Dan Wallace

  • June 11, 2019

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Dan Wallace, of Tailwind Discovery Group, has nearly 25 years of experience helping companies create and realize value. He has worked with both mature and early-stage companies in more than 40 consumer and B-to-B sectors, both as an advisor and as a C-level executive. His experience as a strategy consultant, operating executive and investment banker gives him a unique perspective and the ability to identify opportunities, create and implement plans to pursue them, and turn the results into shareholder value.
Dan began his consulting career at The Boston Consulting Group and subsequently held senior positions in two boutique strategy consulting firms. He later founded his own business advisory practice, through which he provided interim leadership to several companies, helping them accomplish significant business transformations. In one instance, he led a family-owned specialty finance company through a turnaround that produced a 6x gain in shareholder value in 24 months. Early in his career, Mr. Wallace was a Vice President of Corporate Finance at Sutro & Co. Incorporated (now part of RBC Wealth Management), where he completed both sell- and buy- side M&A transactions, LBOs and IPOs.

Dan holds a BA from Whitman College and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.