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About Cathy Cain-Blank

  • June 11, 2019

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Cathy Cain-Blank, president of CC Marketing and Communications, Inc., has dedicated 20+ years to helping small businesses grow market share by increasing the effectiveness of their marketing communications. She’s counseled and provided creative and strategic services to a variety of SMBs, including manufacturers, professional services providers, retailers, non-profit associations and family businesses.

CC Marketing has specialized in developing e-communications since the fall of 2003. The CC creative team consists of Cathy Cain-Blank; web designers Steven Harte, Dai Swengler, and Jon Singer; graphic designer Eleni Swengler; account manager Lynda Gallico; and copywriters Tonia Cook Kimbrough and Laurie Harrington.

One of our strengths is our diverse background. We’ve each worked with organizations of varying types and sizes: Sports teams. The entertainment industry. Publishers. Educational institutions. Accountants. Trade associations. Retail florists. Healthcare firms. Software developers. Summer camps. Consultancies. We bring our broad repertoire of ideas, experiences and insights to the brainstorming table when we discuss the best means of accomplishing your goals.

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