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About Byeongsook Seo

  • April 13, 2022

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Byeongsook Seo is a member of the firm’s commercial litigation practice. He took an interesting path to becoming an attorney. Before attending law school, Byeongsook served as an Officer in the United States Air Force after earning an engineering degree from the United States Air Force Academy. This unique experience has served Byeongsook well in addressing an ever changing array of subjects.

Byeongsook has applied his experiences to a broad range of subjects which include the representation of individual clients as well as Fortune 500 companies in complex intellectual property and commercial matters. He has represented high-tech clients in disputes that ranged from patent and trade secret enforcement actions to disputes over the sale of high-tech products. Byeongsook’s clients have sought his guidance in disputes related to failed business ventures and disputes among business partners, shareholders and directors. He has defended many officers and directors from lawsuits arising out of their business dealings.

Byeongsook has represented clients in real estate litigation that involved construction defects, architectural issues, commercial landlord/tenant disputes and disputes regarding real estate development projects. He has represented commercial landlords and tenants in litigation over possession of property and damages.

Byeongsook represents investors in disputes arising out of their private investments. Many of his cases have involved hearings regarding extraordinary remedies such as injunctions and receiverships. Byeongsook is experienced in all aspects of litigation, including trials and appeals, injunction hearings, receivership hearings and arbitrations.