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  • January 26, 2022

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Allen Jacque is a director in the valuation, litigation, and transaction support services practice. He provides financial, accounting, and economic analyses to attorneys in connection with disputes involving contractual breaches, infringement of intellectual property assets, professional malpractice, fraud/misrepresentation, and personal injury-related losses. Allen has testified as an expert witness in federal court regarding financial damages.

Allen also specializes in consulting matters requiring skills in econometrics, statistics, corporate finance, electronic discovery, and forensic accounting. These matters have included quantification of business interruption losses following insured-against events, due diligence reviews performed in the course of mergers and acquisitions, royalty audits performed as a neutral party for licensors and licensees, assistance to counsel and academic experts in the defense of class action allegations, and review of operational processes to mitigate financial risk exposures.

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