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About Allan Grafman

  • April 20, 2022

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Allan Grafman

Allan Grafman has served on 12 boards, including 4 public, 4 private equity-owned and 4 venture-sponsored. He is currently Chair of the Audit Committee of a public company (IDW) and also Audit Committee member for a REIT, and has served on Compensation and Governance Committees as well.   Specific past experience includes serving as the Chairman of the Board of a Nasdaq listed video game company and other entertainment, media, and consumer-focused entities.  He is currently a licensed investment banker raising capital for companies. Allan comes to board service building on executive roles at All Media Ventures, Archie Comics, Hallmark, Tribune, ABC, and Disney.  He received his BA from Indiana University (PBK), Masters (Fellow), and MBA from Columbia (BGS).