Financial Poise

Ada Nielsen

Ada C. Nielsen thrives on work, making decisions, and getting things done on time. She is now a consultant who has commercialized inventions and improves profitability ofexisting products and services. This is based on her experience successfully launching new products & services, investing in new strategic ventures, and managing and valuing intangible assets (She creates and uses Intellectual Property Improv as a way to explain what Trade Secrets are such that people understand what they are and why they are valuable.)She has monetized off-strategy business ventures, defended BP successfully in 10 IRS audits, conducted due diligence for various deals, and consulted on acquisitions, new businesses, and ventures. She wrote the Wall Street presentations and was the lead in creating the company-wide strategic plan for Chemical Waste Management, then the largest hazardous waste company in the world. Her core personal assets are common sense, making on-time business decisions, and working diligently and respectfully to get positive results. Her academic background includes completing Freshman Chemistry at Cornell (Ithaca, NY) while in high school, earning an B.A. in Chemistry from Wellesley College and an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business with a concentration in Finance & Marketing. (She learned how to use machining to make tools while in graduate school at Carnegie-Mellon University. She also built a laser on her own while studying theoretical physical chemistry as a graduate student at Dartmouth.)