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Private Company MA Boot Camp

Private Company M&A Boot Camp

Corporate transactions (or “deals”) include many types of transactions. Viewed broadly, a deal can be a very small matter such as drafting a purchase order, a non-compete agreement, or myriad other single purpose agreements necessary to document a legal relationship between two parties and extend to large multi-national acquisitions and financings. One of the most significant types of transactions a company can enter into, however, and the type that is commonly thought of as needing a “deal” lawyer, is a Mergers and Acquisitions transaction.

M&A (mergers and acquisitions), viewed broadly, includes buying or selling all or part of a business or company, as well as business combinations, such as mergers. Such “deal” work commonly requires attorneys, accountants, intermediaries (i.e. investment bankers and business brokers) to work together.

This webinar series features leading M&A attorneys and other deal professionals speaking about private company M&A in roughly chronological order, guiding the audience through a conversation that spans from deal origination, the LOI (letter-of-intent) or term sheet, due diligence, document drafting and negotiation, closing, and post-closing. Issues addressed include tax planning and structure; corporate governance; negotiating deal points and common pitfalls and challenges; closing conditions; representations and warranties; indemnification provisions; earn-outs; restrictive covenants; antitrust; intellectual property; and employment. While many of the topics covered apply also to public company M&A, the focus of this webinar series is on M&A involving a privately owned company or business.

Webinars in this Series:

Episode #1: Structuring and Planning the M&A Transaction 2020

Produced on July 23, 2020

Episode #2: Key Provisions in M&A Agreements 2020

Produced on September 3, 2020

Episode #3: The M&A Process 2020

Produced on October 1, 2020

Episode #4: Post-Closing Issues: Integration & Potential Buyer/Seller Disputes 2020

Produced on November 5, 2020

Episode #5: Negotiating an M&A Deal 2020

Produced on December 3, 2020