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You know that weed has gone mainstream when bright-faced MBAs and JDs euphemize ganja with its scientific name of “cannabis.” Mary Jane will likely become legal throughout the US before consumers fully adopt blockchain-based cryptocurrencies as a means of obscuring their purchases of bud. By then, digital assets that go way beyond cryptocurrencies, such as “coins” and “tokens” (which also reside on blockchain), and which represent unregistered or even registered securities in, say, Thai stick, may diversify a standard G-man’s investment portfolio. Is this the dawning of the Age of Aquarius? Maybe. This webinar series introduces blockchain, cannabis, and digital assets as new realities and opportunities.

Webinars in this Series:

Episode #1: Blockchain Basics 2020

Produced on October 8, 2020

Episode #2: Making Cash with Cannabis 2020

Produced on November 5, 2020

Episode #3: Digital Assets 2020

Produced on December 3, 2020