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Roadmap to Growing Your Business by Acquisition

Roadmap to Growing Your Business by Acquisition 2021

Some Startups grow organically but many identify a complementary product or service that customers want, produced by a target company that seems to offer potential synergies through acquisition. Sometimes the companies’ Founders or executives know each other well and other times they require introduction.  What is the best way to approach the target company? What are the steps needed to fully evaluate the target? Do you need audited financials? Are there key employees, relationships, or customers you must make sure stay in place? What is the appropriate negotiating strategy? How do you integrate the culture, products, processes and people to achieve the potential synergies?  What are the most common areas of failure and how do you mitigate these risks?  This webinar will help you be ready for your first (or next) acquisition.

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Webinar Faculty


Norrie Daroga
Norrie Daroga

Norrie enjoys working with clients to solve complex problems in real estate, business transactions and licensing of emerging technologies. As an engineer, lawyer, and entrepreneur, he provides practical, client-focused advice… Read More


No Headshot Available
Ada Nielsen

Ada C. Nielsen thrives on work, making decisions, and getting things done on time. She is now a consultant who has commercialized inventions and improves profitability ofexisting products and services.… Read More

Bruce Werner
Bruce Werner

Bruce Werner is the Managing Director of Kona Advisors LLC, which provides advisory services to owners and investors of private and family-owned companies. With exceptional experience in finance, strategy, M&A,… Read More

Pankaj Amin
Pankaj Amin

In his extensive work as a CEO, private equity advisor and corporate Board member, Pankaj brings more than 25 years of leadership and operational experience in the healthcare, telecommunications, financial… Read More

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