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Ethical Issues in Real Estate Bankruptcies

Ethical Issues in Real Estate-Based Bankruptcies

It does not take a complex corporate chapter 11 bankruptcy to encounter serious ethical issues that must be confronted in a case. In fact, the relative simplicity of a real estate-based bankruptcy will shine the light on all of the main case details, bringing increased scrutiny to all of the debtor’s actions and decisions.

Real estate-based bankruptcies are some of the most common matters filed. As an attorney, you are your client’s advocate and need to navigate the waters to provide effective counsel while playing within rules.

In this series we tackle some common ethical scenarios that present themselves in real estate-focused bankruptcies frequently, including matters related to valuing assets, insider lease agreements, and a Single Asset Real Estate (SARE) cases. At the end you will be better equipped to answer questions like Is your client being astute or asinine? This this scheme clever or cagey? Under the rules of bankruptcy, is an inside arrangement shady or shrewd?

Webinars in this Series:

Episode #1: Insider Lease Agreements 2020

Produced on February 18, 2020

Episode #2: Valuing Real Estate Assets 2020

Produced on March 3, 2020

Episode #3: Single Asset Real Estate Cases 2020

Produced on March 17, 2020