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Crypto Crowdfunding Crazy Concepts

Crypto, Crowdfunding & Other Crazy Concepts

Two “crazy” concepts, but crazy how? What is money and why is cryptocurrency different, in paying for goods and services and as currency for the performance of commercial contracts? Should I (or my clients) enter the “crowd” in crowdfinance, and thus get in on start-ups that scale into unicorns? For investors, each of these concepts implies assets not correlated with returns from index funds that invest only in public securities. So there are opportunities to do better than “the markets.” However, these concepts are also associated with actual examples of large-scale fraud or at least fear of fraud. Are crypto and crowdfinance investments crazy-beneficial (notwithstanding the presence of risk) or just crazy? This series seeks to give professionals, investors, users, and their advisors useful insight into relevant opportunities and risks.

Webinars in this Series:

Episode #1: Crypto Currency 101 – 2021

Produced on May 24, 2021

Episode #2: Crowdfinance 101 – 2021

Produced on July 29, 2021