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Real Estate Leasing - Landlords Perspective

The Commercial Landlord’s Perspective 2019

The process of representing a commercial landlord in a lease transaction is multi-faceted. While generation of cash flow is ultimate goal, there are other very important goals. These include minimizing risk, preserving the asset, enhancing the property and about a multitude of other issues.

This webinar focuses on the major concerns of real estate professionals in advising a landlord. When should the landlord insist on the language in the lease, and when should the landlord consider a concession or compromise? What is the role of the local real estate market in this analysis and why is it so important? After participating in this webinar, one will have a solid grasp of what commercial landlords need and why.

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Webinar Faculty


David Levy
David Levy

David Levy is Vice President of Business Development for NRC Realty & Capital Advisors. NRC conducts structured sales, sealed bid sales, and auctions of all types of real estate and… Read More


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Biff Ruttenberg

Biff Ruttenberg has 48 years of retail development, redevelopment, management, and leasing experience.  His real estate background, including mortgage banking, construction, real estate brokerage and lending experience, has contributed to… Read More

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Howard Kline

Howard has been involved in commercial real estate for over 39 years now as both an attorney, broker, arbitrator and now radio show host and founder of CRE Radio & TV, since… Read More

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