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Chapter 11 Potpourri 2021

Chapter 11 Potpourri

As of this writing (April, 2021), the nation and the world are just beginning to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been ongoing for more than 13 months. The number of Chapter 11 filings with greater than $10m of liabilities grew by 16.5% in 2020. This, however, does not necessarily paint an accurate picture of the financial distress that may be ahead. The two rounds of federal stimulus approved during 2020 may have blunted some of the worst of the disruption that companies faced in 2020, but many companies now face an uncertain future, as a result of, among other things, increased debt service obligations they took on to survive this last year. These circumstances suggest that we may see a significant uptick in the number of Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases filed by businesses across the American Landscape. Designed for the corporate attorney, litigator, and anyone else who is not a Chapter 11 bankruptcy expert who finds herself stepping into bankruptcy for the first time or only on occasion, each episode in this Financial Poise webinar series takes a deep dive into one aspect of a chapter 11 bankruptcy case at a level that can be understood by the non-expert.

Webinars in this Series:

Episode #1: The Nuts & Bolts of a Chapter 11 Plan 2021

Produced on February 24, 2021

Episode #2: The Nuts & Bolts of a 363 Motion 2021

Produced on March 24, 2021

Episode #3: The Intersection of IP & Bankruptcy 2021

Produced on April 21, 2021