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Board of Directors Boot Camp 2022

Board of Directors Boot Camp

More and more privately-held companies are recognizing the benefits of effective corporate governance and are working towards establishing more formalized and independent board processes. Multiple factors influence this evolution at private companies and its continued acceleration:

  • Managing increasing complexity companies face in today’s operating environment and the associated requirement to have additional and new expertise to help navigate
  • Shoring up risk management practices to manage an expanded and ever-changing risk profile
  • Dealing with leadership transitions and succession planning resulting from the demographic wave associated with leadership retirements and generational ownership transfers
  • Responding to the ever-increasing pressure that companies face from foreign competitors
  • Managing growing stakeholder expectations – customers, employees, community – as well as government regulation

The myriad of complex issues in running a business ranging from supply chain management to digitization/technology to reputation management point to the need for enhanced governance.

Establishing, maintaining, and evolving a more structured and formalized approach to governance can feel daunting. This webinar series discusses various aspects of good governance in private companies including best practices and common pitfalls. Applicable to owners, executives, directors and their respective trusted advisors, this webinar series brings a variety of experiences and perspectives on the most common questions around private company governance.

Webinars in this Series:

Episode #1: Roles & Responsibilities: a Primer

Produced on March 24, 2022

Episode #2: The Effective Director

Produced on April 21, 2022

Episode #3: The Effective Board

Produced on May 12, 2022