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Premiered on: April 22, 2021

This webinar provides an overview of litigation funding, touching on the “who,” “what,” “where,” “when,” “why” and “how” behind it.

Premiered on: April 22, 2021

In this webinar, the expert panel discusses the circumstances that warrant lost profits claims, key considerations for both the claimant and defendant, and how such claims will ultimately be evaluated.

Premiered on: April 14, 2021

This webinar presents basic practice pointers to avoid malpractice and disciplinary actions, and how to respond to claims of malpractice or unethical behavior if they arise. The panel also discusses...

Premiered on: April 8, 2021

This webinar examines three funding products -- case fundings, law firm loans, and portfolio fundings -- and aims to inform attorneys on best solutions for their firms and clients, and...

Premiered on: April 7, 2021

This webinar navigates some of the key issues surrounding cannabis from the perspectives of both employers and employees.

Premiered on: March 25, 2021

This webinar seeks to explain how you identify your trade secrets, protect them, and leverage them.

Premiered on: March 23, 2021

This webinar includes discussions of the mistakes commonly made by employers as well as a series of tips and pointers from a panel of experts who will help you navigate...

Premiered on: March 23, 2021

The goal of this episode is to look into ethical issues surrounding Single Asset Real Estate (“SARE”) cases.

Premiered on: March 23, 2021

This webinar discusses cannabis investments, ranging from successful strategies, pitfalls, and unique issues faced by investing in the cannabis industry.

Premiered on: March 18, 2021

This webinar discusses what type of data is best for making an efficient and practical cash flow model, as well as best practices.

Premiered on: March 17, 2021

This episode walks through Intellectual Property issues specific to the cannabis, hemp, and CBD industry.

Premiered on: March 3, 2021

This webinar summarizes how to measure lost profits and the critical elements to consider when presenting your damages theory in court.

Premiered on: February 25, 2021

This webinar explores a key habit brief-writers should embrace: using strong, precise verbs, which are the engine of a persuasive sentence.

Premiered on: February 25, 2021

This webinar discusses the nuts and bolts of copyright law, patent law, and trademark law, beginning with what exactly they are, how to protect them, and finally how to enforce...

Premiered on: February 24, 2021

This webinar focuses on the realities of a failing business from the owners’ perspective and discusses the various considerations that should be given at the outset of start-up negotiations and...

Premiered on: February 24, 2021

This webinar explains the different types of capital available to fund a startup; how to identify potential funding sources; how to evaluate competing funding proposals; and how to negotiate financing...

Premiered on: February 24, 2021

This webinar takes the audience through the basic elements of a Chapter 11 plan, how a plan proponent seeks to confirm a plan, and how objectors can try to defeat...

Premiered on: February 23, 2021

This webinar will address a myriad of new problems lawyers are facing and some practical suggestions and solutions that arise out of the changing manner and pace of the practice...

Premiered on: February 23, 2021

This webinar presents practical advice for employers looking to put themselves in the best position possible to not only defend against employment-related claims but—hopefully—to help avoid them in the first...

Premiered on: February 18, 2021

This webinar explains the basics of understanding a balance sheet and puts it in context by also touching on the other key financial statements.

Premiered on: February 17, 2021

This webinar explains how search engine optimization (SEO) works to improve website rankings, and as a result, increase website traffic, leads and sales.

Premiered on: February 10, 2021

This webinar discusses government contracts, including some of the legal risks in solicitations and contract claims and disputes.

Premiered on: February 9, 2021

This webinar focuses on understanding bankruptcy transactions and addressing best practices for advanced reorganization practitioners and advisors.

Premiered on: January 28, 2021

This webinar explores best practices for structuring and organizing briefs, including how to most effectively frame and sequence arguments, use authority, and find a winning theme.

Premiered on: January 27, 2021

This webinar focuses on business formation and the pros and cons to the different legal structures, and includes tips on how to keep one’s personal assets safe from the claims...

Premiered on: January 26, 2021

This webinar explores hiring issues so that you can be confident that you are starting off on the right foot—legally, at least—when you hire new employees.

Premiered on: January 26, 2021

This webinar discusses how to value real estate assets in the changing marketplace.

Premiered on: January 25, 2021

This webinar discusses the importance of certainty in ownership of IP and how ownership of IP is entangled with areas of corporate law and employment law.

Premiered on: December 17, 2020

This webinar gives you an overview of what to do when the worst happens to your business, a data breach occurs.

Premiered on: December 16, 2020

This webinar will help you figure out when and how to hire your own expert, and will give you some ideas on how to challenge your opponent’s expert when the...

Premiered on: December 4, 2020

This webinar explains the basics of letters of credit, open account, supply chain and documentary collections, how and why they are used, how much they cost, and the benefits and...

Premiered on: December 3, 2020

This webinar examines digital ledgers, coins, tokens, ICOs, and IEOs that make up digital assets.

Premiered on: December 3, 2020

This webinar involves the panelists engaging in mock negotiations of a variety of deal points which commonly arise in M&A transactions.

Premiered on: November 19, 2020

This webinar covers the basics of how to put an information security program in place to close any gaps in the security of your data.

Premiered on: November 18, 2020

This webinar shines a light on what happens to the great percentage of cases that don’t make it to trial.

Premiered on: November 5, 2020

This episode guides listeners through the process, timing, and issues which most commonly arise after the closing of deals.

Premiered on: November 5, 2020

This webinar discusses the ever-evolving business and investment opportunity of cannabis.

Premiered on: October 28, 2020

This webinar begins with a summary of the rules governing discovery and discusses the practicalities of discovery: budgeting, tactics, and common opportunities and pitfalls.

Premiered on: October 22, 2020

This webinar discusses the GDPR requirements regarding the privacy of EU citizens and how your organization may meet those standards.

Premiered on: October 14, 2020

The topics discussed in this webinar include the pros and cons of putting a counterparty into involuntary bankruptcy; when and how you may be able to pursue third parties (like...

Premiered on: October 14, 2020

This webinar examines the means for companies to reach data goals ethically, efficiently and legally. Best practices and model comprehensive privacy and cybersecurity policies are discussed.

Premiered on: October 8, 2020

This webinar series introduces blockchain, cannabis, and digital assets as new realities and opportunities.

Premiered on: October 1, 2020

This webinar serves as a road map or timeline for a typical deal for buying, selling, or merging a company

Premiered on: September 24, 2020

This webinar provides an overview of the many privacy and data security laws and regulations which may impact your business, from the state law protecting personal information to regulations covering...

Premiered on: September 23, 2020

This webinar provides an overview of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, with emphasis on recent changes and developments.