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Premiered on: June 14, 2022

When it comes to dealing with communicable disease-related issues within the workplace, planning is everything.

Premiered on: May 19, 2022

. This Financial Poise panel explains the process from looking for the investment, to contract, to closing, and beyond.

Premiered on: May 17, 2022

Topics discussed include managing the costs of the insurance itself as well as the proper management of workers compensation claims.

Premiered on: May 12, 2022

The social aspects of a board will also be discussed

Premiered on: May 4, 2022

This webinar is for the lawyer -or anyone else- who wants to brush up on the latest issues and strategies to be aware of regarding legal ethics and best practices.

Premiered on: May 3, 2022

This webinar takes the audience through the basic elements of a Chapter 11 plan, how a plan proponent (usually but not always the debtor) seeks to confirm a plan, and...

Premiered on: April 28, 2022

The foundation of intellectual property law is the protection of exclusive rights afforded to original works and invention.

Premiered on: April 21, 2022

The success of the board relies on the individual contribution, expertise, and behavior of its directors

Premiered on: April 20, 2022

This webinar examines the means for companies to reach data goals ethically, efficiently and legally.

Premiered on: April 19, 2022

This panel discusses key elements of a property policy such as what coverages could be essential to your business

Premiered on: April 19, 2022

This webinar discusses the so-called “nuts and bolts of copyright law” beginning with what exactly is a copyright, how to protect a copyright, and finally how to enforce a copyright.

Premiered on: April 14, 2022

Learn the different types of capital available to fund a startup; how to identify funding sources; how to evaluate proposals; and how to negotiate financing terms.

Premiered on: April 13, 2022

This webinar explores the key factors you should consider in choosing your valuation expert.

Premiered on: April 7, 2022

In this session we will review the mediation process itself.

Premiered on: April 6, 2022

This webinar focuses on the different aspects of the commercial litigation finance industry

Premiered on: April 5, 2022

This webinar addresses best practices in drafting, negotiating, and presenting cash collateral and DIP financing orders in complex reorganization proceedings.

Premiered on: March 31, 2022

This webinar addresses the ramifications of the failure of a debtor to comply with the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN).

Premiered on: March 31, 2022

This Financial Poise webinar examines the types of real estate projects that help stabilize and strengthen our population centers

Premiered on: March 30, 2022

This webinar covers the basics of the FCPA, including an introduction to the regulators, both the SEC and DOJ, and recent communications to the public regarding the FCPA from these...

Premiered on: March 29, 2022

This webinar delves into the mistakes commonly made by employers and endeavors to provide attendees with the tools needed to help find and fix potential wage and hour pitfalls.

Premiered on: March 24, 2022

This webinar covers the definition of a board, typical expectations of a director, board oversight vs. management responsibilities, and many other basics of board formation and operation.

Premiered on: March 22, 2022

This webinar discusses the importance of certainty in ownership of IP and how ownership of IP is entangled with areas of corporate law and employment law.

Premiered on: March 22, 2022

This webinar presents practice pointers on how to use the ABA Model Rules as a guide to navigating ethical issues in Single Asset Real Estate or SARE cases.

Premiered on: March 16, 2022

This webinar summarizes the different methods to measure lost profits, as well as some of the critical elements that must be considered in developing and presenting your damages theory in...

Premiered on: March 10, 2022

A webinar that reviews preparing for mediation, including mediator selection, including interviewing, references and who may be the right fit for your specific dispute.

Premiered on: March 9, 2022

This webinar is intended to provide an overview of the topic generally, touching on the “who,” “what,” “where,” “when,” “why,” and “how’s” behind litigation funding.

Premiered on: March 8, 2022

This webinar focuses on understanding these issues and addressing best practices for advanced reorganization practitioners

Premiered on: February 16, 2022

This webinar will also cover several ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct.

Premiered on: February 15, 2022

This webinar focuses on business formation and the pros and cons to the different legal structures, and includes tips on how to keep one’s personal assets safe from the claims...

Premiered on: February 10, 2022

This webinar will help you be ready for your first (or next) acquisition.

Premiered on: February 9, 2022

This webinar provides a look into how valuation experts place a value on a going concern.

Premiered on: February 8, 2022

This webinar focuses on understanding these concepts and addressing best practices for advanced reorganization practitioners and advisors.

Premiered on: December 15, 2021

While video marketing is an effective form of digital marketing, many business owners dismiss it as a viable option for their business.

Premiered on: December 14, 2021

This webinar involves the panelists engaging in mock negotiations of a variety of deal points which commonly arise in M&A transactions.

Premiered on: December 7, 2021

This webinar explores the mechanics and pros and cons of various fee arrangements, from hourly to contingent to mixtures of the two. We also discuss the increasingly popular option of...

Premiered on: November 18, 2021

This webinar discusses some of the latest trends and developments in leveraged finance terms and practices and the extent to which some of these have gained market acceptance.

Premiered on: November 17, 2021

Social media marketing (SMM) is perhaps the easiest form of digital marketing to get started with.

Premiered on: November 16, 2021

This webinar focuses on the opportunities that crowdfunding makes available to the investor, and how the investor should go about navigating this new world. We begin with a basic overview...

Premiered on: November 16, 2021

The deal is complete, and the parties have finished the hard work. Or have they? Integration planning turns to execution as people, process, and technology are combined once the deal...

Premiered on: November 11, 2021

This webinar surveys recent compliance trends and discusses best practices regarding the attorney-client privilege, joint defense agreements, the use of experts, witness interviews, the consequences of self-disclosure and how to...

Premiered on: November 10, 2021

This webinar will focus on protecting the personal interests of the business owner/executive.

Premiered on: November 3, 2021

This webinar will help prepare you to take action when the worst happens: data breach.

Premiered on: November 2, 2021

This webinar provides an overview of the technical, procedural and strategic considerations necessary to monetize judgments and make litigation worthwhile.

Premiered on: October 28, 2021

This webinar gives a basic overview of leveraged finance credit agreements and the legal issues that arise when working on leveraged loans.

Premiered on: October 27, 2021

This webinar discusses how to maintain compliance with various state law requirements