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When you hear the term "Board of Directors," you probably think about sleek corporate offices, internal politics, and complexities well beyond the average entrepreneur's realm of understanding. Maybe it conjures thoughts of unicorn startups or vanity titles held by well-known professionals.

You might not think it has anything to do with you, personally. But whether you're a family business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, or professional contemplating a board seat, understanding how boards work and why they matter is essential.

In the Bare Bones Board Basics webinar series, you'll get the Board of Directors education you need to get ahead from experts in their fields

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An Affordable Education on Boards of Directors

Here's What You'll Learn About


Who needs a board of directors? What should its structure look like? Who should I ask to be on my board and how should I do it? How should I evaluate an opportunity to serve on a board? We answer these questions and more for privately held companies.


Each board is different, and each board member has a job to do. From understanding fiduciary duties to establishing and maintaining boundaries with company executives, we cover the complicated relationships that drive board activity, productivity, and


The board has a vested interest in their company's success. They support its progress through a variety of meetings, committees, processes, and more. We offer a roadmap for navigating these moving pieces to the benefit of your company, board, and self.

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Expert Insights From Experienced Professionals

Entrepreneurs. Advisors. Attorneys. Well-respected in their fields with careers that speak for themselves, the Financial Poise Faculty featured in the Bare Bones Board Basics webinar series bring decades of experience to the table. Your boardroom education could not be in better hands.

Bare Bones Board Basics Faculty

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As the brain can be said to govern a person’s actions, a board of directors governs the actions of a corporation. Public companies require one, but private companies are increasingly contemplating building their own. Here we dive into the benefits of forming or serving on a board of directors.



Planning, prepping for, participating in, and following up from a meeting of a company’s board of directors is no easy task. Once you get in the room, the technical aspects of the meeting may feel overwhelming. Through the use of hypotheticals, we asked experts to describe how they would handle a variety of scenarios in the boardroom.


boards of directors and investigations

Companies occasionally encounter extraordinary circumstances requiring the board to take extraordinary steps to protect the value the company, its shareholders, and themselves. Should an internal investigation be necessary, board members need to know their rights, the processes involved, how to secure outside experts, and the board's responsibilities. 


going into executive session

Executive sessions are a special meeting-within-a-meeting that provides an opportunity for the board to meet privately to handle sensitive and confidential issues, foster robust dialogue, and strengthen trust and communication. Though mandated for public companies, these meetings provide just as much value for private ones. Here we dive into why and how these sessions benefit a business and how to navigate them effectively.


advising companies in the zone of insolvency

Nothing tests a board of directors more than an existential threat to the company, and there is no greater existential threat than insolvency. Whether a company is insolvent or not, however, is often unclear. From the legal requirements of directors to board contact in the face of a financial crisis, we dive into what it means to wake up and smell the coffee.



From advisory boards to fiduciary boards, public corporations to private companies, there are a number of purposes and structures to consider when developing a board of directors. Which one makes the most sense depends on who you are, where you're at, and where you're trying to go.


The time in between: Board committees 

Board meetings are important, but the work done outside of them is crucial. Much of the oversight and advising tasks that boards are responsible for actually take place in committees. Here we map out the most common types of basic board committees, their benefits, and best practices in terms of structure and communication. 


soft skills workshop for the boardroom

Emotion serves as the undercurrent for all human interactions – good and bad. Whether trying to cultivate a productive board of directors or serving on one, a focus on empathy and connection allows for better collaboration, decision-making, and professional networking. It also limits the likelihood that interpersonal squabbles will interfere with the board's function.


audit committee form and function 

The audit committee of a board of directors holds responsibility for the oversight of the Company’s financial reporting and disclosure process. This independent perspective on a company's numbers empowers the board to fulfill their fiduciary duty to the company. Though not required of private companies, the benefits of an audit committee are many. Here we discuss not only how they work but how they can work for you.


the role of the board in bankruptcy

No board wants to see their company in bankruptcy, but sticking your head in the sand solves nothing. Depending on the situation, it might not be the end of the world! In this episode, we put the audience in the boardroom hot seat, walking through likely board conversations, options available to distressed companies, and critical decision-making considerations.


boards v. c-suite roles and responsibilities

A company's executives and its board both have similar responsibilities, but their job descriptions differ in important ways. Understanding the stakeholder roles, productive boundaries, and fiduciary duties is the key to managing relationships within a well-functioning board.


member selection considerations 

Who do you want on your board of directors? Why? What type of vetting should you do? If you're being nominated, what questions should you be asking as a potential board member? From recruitment to evaluation, remuneration, and more, we get down to the brass tacks of building an effective board.



Risk management is essential to building a successful, durable business. What system you should use depends on the company's size, complexity, and risk profile. While company leadership may focus on the risks in their individual departments, a board offers an "enterprise" view that evaluates the basket of risks facing a company across their organization.


Compensation committee mechanics

Money talks. Whether determining CEO pay or designing organization-wide compensation structures and benefits plans, the compensation committee speaks loudest. Their responsibilities depend on how things were structured, the company in question, and the division of labor among board members. That's just a starting point. Rooted in philosophy but driven by tactics, it's one of the board's most important committees.


corporate directors v. llc managers

Directors benefit from understanding board form, function, operations, and best practices. But when LLCs get involved, things get messy. Many of the lessons discussed in this series still apply to, for example, an LLC manager. But it is only by comparing the similarities and differences between LLC and corporate governance that we understand how.


about Indemnification and D&O Insurance

Board directors have a strong incentive to act in the best interest of the company they serve. But they also must take steps to protect themselves against litigation and consequences for the choices make in a professional capacity as part of that service. This episode delves into the different types of insurance that can serve as a shield.

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Who is this webinar series for?

The Bare Bones Board Basics webinar series offers value to entrepreneurs, investors, and the professionals who serve them. These episodes can help if you're:

  • Contemplating establishing a board for your own business;
  • Need to understand the ways in which the existence of a board may impact investments;
  • Want to learn how to more clearly communicate with your clients on these subjects;
  • Have been asked to serve on a board; 
  • Hoping to improve your boardroom dynamics and communication; or
  • Looking to build your knowledge about governance.

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