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Anatomy of a Preference Litigation

Series: Commercial Bankruptcy Litigation

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Creditors get sued for preferences all the time.  What is a preference?  What are the defenses to a preference attack?  How can you document matters on the front end to minimize you will be successfully sued for a preference later?  This webinar will cover everything you ever wanted to know about preference actions but were afraid to ask.

Principal Audience: Attorneys and Advisors

Partner: BMC Group, ChamberWise, Commercial Bankruptcy Alternatives, Commercial Bankruptcy Investor, and Commercial Bankruptcy Litigation (Each, a website committed to explaining legal concepts in plain English), Commercial Law League of America

Price: $100.00


Starts: 06/11/2014 12:00pm
Ends: 06/11/2014 1:00pm

*All times are Central Standard Time(CST/GMT - 6:00)

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