Financial Poise

Steve Fretzin

Driven, focused and undeniably passionate in his pursuit to help business professionals reach their full potential, Steve Fretzin is the Chicago area’s premiere business coach, speaker and author. He has redefined the business development experience, transforming thousands of professionals into top performers in sales effectiveness via one-on-one coaching, group training and seminars through Sales Results Inc., a company he founded.
Steve credits two life-changing events as influencing his career. In 1996, he was one of six passengers aboard a single-engine Cherokee Piper airplane that crash landed into a house in suburban Crystal Lake, IL. The experience left him crippled for months, but more importantly taught him to value the sacredness of each day. A few years later, another shift occurred. At 33, Steve’s trophies spoke of a well lived life: a Porsche, SUV and a well-appointed Chicago condominium. Amidst his apparent success, he sought the advice of a business coach who helped him unleash his full potential and double his personal income in less than a year. This led Steve to pursue his real passion: inspiring others to develop more business and realize their goals.

Steve’s mantra? In order to have real change, you need to make real changes. Today, he teaches the “art of selling without selling,” helping individuals in many different fields make more money than they had ever imagined. In addition to Sales Results Inc., he oversees Team Discovery, LLC, the American Club Association, and Networking Monkey, LLC, the number one ranked portal on Google for Chicago area networking events. Steve’s expertise in networking, business development and business management has landed him features in the Chicago Tribune and as well as guest appearances on NBC News and WGN Radio’s Bob Sirott Show.