Financial Poise

Michael Hobbs

For more than two decades, Michael has been employing his energetic style to the industries of Real Estate, Energy Efficiency and Entrepreneurship/Private Equity. Coupling his strong financial background and operating experience, with his impassioned approach to delivering results, he has consistently transformed existing businesses into profitable enterprises through streamlining, process improvement and superior customer service experiences.
In today’s turbulent real estate markets, property owners, investors, lenders and portfolio managers turn to Michael & PahRoo Appraisal & Consultancy for guidance and valuation insight on their real estate assets. Whether analyzing underwater real estate, determining market valuation for litigation matters, valuing green/high-performance/energy-efficient properties, or consulting property owners on sale/divestiture options or even bankruptcy proceedings, Michael’s extensive market knowledge is a valued asset for clients seeking profitable solutions and opportunistic results.

Michael and his team are the ones that get called in when people have a valuation problem they want to solve or have experienced a sub-par appraisal and need competent, expert professionals to address and resolve the matter.