Financial Poise

Maurice Vincent

For over 25 years Maurice Vincent has been a driving force in the turnaround growth of many companies through business development. The broad spectrum of industries that he has worked in has led him to understand that in order to turn around a company and help it effectively grow, you must understand it from the inside out. Through years of operations management and business development Maurice realized that if you can understand the flow of the operations and services, then you can impact that flow.
In every company Maurice has been a part of, he has been responsible for taking over and leading an existing sales team that was underperforming, or building a sales team from the ground up. To completely understand a company and its services he has been out on the floor and in the field working side-by-side with his employees in order to completely understand the existing culture of the company. While every company in every industry is unique, once you identify the deficiencies of a company’s existing efficiencies, you can re-define the services or practices in order to maximize profitability.

It was through his experience in business development with an emphasis on turnaround that Maurice discovered his passion for helping small and medium-sized businesses. Many do not have the sales infrastructure to grow or have limited resources that hold them back from continued success. In working with and building relationships with business owners across many industries, Maurice discovered that many small and medium-sized business owners often stretch themselves too thin and actually hamper their growth.

If a business owner has to take on the dual role of growing their business while also trying to run their business, there is no way that they can do both effectively. This is where Maurice excels in helping a business owner focus on the aspects of their business that they excel in, and aiding them in areas that are not being managed to their full potential.