Financial Poise

Linda Neale

Linda Neale has served on the Board of Directors of Leupold & Stevens, Inc. for nine years.  She is a fourth generation stockholder whose great-grandfather, Fred Leupold, founded the company in 1907.  Prior to serving on the board, Linda was Chair of the Family Council, and assisted in changing the way in which board members were chosen and elected.  She currently serves on the Governance Committee, is chair of the Family Values Committee, and is Chair and Trustee of the Leupold & Stevens Family Foundation.  She has a passion for family history, and was a co-author of “Leupold & Stevens – The First Century”. She is also author of “The Power of Ceremony: Restoring the Sacred in Our Selves, Our Families, Our Communities.” Linda is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a consultant to other family-owned firms, a writer and a ceremony facilitator. She has served on Oregon State University’s Austin Family Business Program Advisory Board and has been a presenter at national family business conferences and gatherings.  Her current concern is how to involve the fifth and sixth generations and help Leupold & Stevens remain family-owned.  She loves hiking, horseback riding, hunting, and anything else that gets her outdoors