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Jorge P Newbery

Jorge P. Newbery (born October 29, 1965) is a Californian-born entrepreneur who is the founder of American Homeowner Preservation LLC, a US-based real estate company investing in nonperforming mortgage notes with a mission to save homeowners from losing their homes to foreclosure. Through Newbery’s work as an entrepreneurial real estate strategist, with 20 years of buying and selling multimillion-dollar distressed properties, he created AHP as a solution towards reversing the foreclosure crisis.
Newbery originally consulted on the non-profit American Homeowner Preservation Inc., before transitioning it to the for-profit American Homeowner Preservation LLC. As a real estate developer, Newbery has a history of taking on high-profile housing projects in distress. He is likely best known for presiding over the rebirth and subsequent demise of Woodland Meadows, a sprawling 1,100-unit project in Columbus, Ohio. Newbery’s insistent efforts to keep the project afloat gave rise to extraordinary court and media battles with city officials and creditors.

Newbery went from being the developer in smaller rental properties, starting with a four-plex in South Central Los Angeles (1992- 2001). Newbery progressed to larger properties, including the 233-unit Pickwick Plaza in Kansas City (2001- 2006). He continued working successfully with distressed properties, but found some opposition with Woodland Meadows.

Newbery is also the grandnephew of Jorge Alejandro Newbery (1875–1914), one of the first Latin American aircraft pilots, who is also known for writing the first newspaper article on aviation in Argentina. The family name is still widely recognized in Buenos Aires where the second largest airport, the Aeroparque Jorge Newbery, is named after his grand uncle.