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Jeff DeWolf

Jeff DeWolf is Founder and Chief Wave Maker at Wolf Prairie LLC (, a firm dedicated to helping organizations be successful through a focus on organizational healthiness.  He is an industry veteran with real world experience in a variety of functional areas including human resources, planning, strategy, marketing, customer service and operations.  He has worked with all sizes and types of companies including family owned businesses, start-ups, non-profits, and Fortune 100 firms.  His passion is to help leaders with the people and organizational issues that hinder growth and limit performance.  He prides himself as a business problem solver and student of human behavior.
Mr. DeWolf has performed numerous projects in the areas of organization development, leadership development, HR program development, performance improvement, risk mitigation & compliance, organization assessment & design, process analysis/improvement, mergers & acquisitions and many more.  His skills have been applied in business functions such as Marketing, Customer Care, Call Center Operations, IT, Regulatory Affairs, Manufacturing, and Consulting Operations.

Working closely with C-level executives in several organizations, Jeff has developed an appreciation for the demands, expectations, and limitations of senior leaders.  It is this understanding that has given him an obsession for simple solutions, leading him to a consulting philosophy built on the principle of “Intentional Simplicity.”  His approach always focuses on delivering results by avoiding complexity wherever possible.

Mr. DeWolf is also the architect of the Workplace Six™ program for assessing organizational health.  His research and experience in organizations led to the identification of six core health factors which are measured and addressed using the Workplace Six™ survey instrument.  Jeff’s core organizational philosophy is that organizational healthiness leads to employee engagement.  This paradigm acts as the framework for his consulting in organization effectiveness.

Prior to founding Wolf Prairie, he was Vice President of Consulting Services at a small management consulting firm, and an executive in a large corporate environment.  Jeff holds a Master’s degree in Organization Development from Bowling Green State, which complements his Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the Stephen H. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

Originally from Michigan, Jeff and his family now reside in Overland Park, Kansas.  He spends his free time riding his mountain bike, playing Squash, and raising his four amazing children.