Financial Poise

Don Fletcher

Don Fletcher is an attorney at Lake and Cobb.

Professional and Community Activities

Don Fletcher has long been involved with various professional and community affairs. He is currently a member of the International Conference of Shopping Centers, which is the world’s largest collection of professionals involved with retail shopping operations. He has made presentations at the annual ICSC Law Conference and serves on the Bankruptcy Task Force for the ICSC. He is currently a member of the American Bankruptcy Institute, which is the largest organization of bankruptcy lawyers in the United States, as well as a member of the Bankruptcy Section of the Arizona State Bar. He frequently speaks at various professional sessions on collection matters, commercial landlord and tenant matters, and related bankruptcy matters. He has received several awards and accommodations including the Honors Program Attorney with the United States Justice Department.  In 2008 he was named “Top Lawyer” by the Arizona Business Magazine. In addition, he has recently completed his term as chairman of the Phoenix Chapter of the J. Reuben Clark Law Society.

Loan Workout and Collections Matters

Mr. Fletcher, both currently and in the past, has been involved with several loan workouts involving multifamily housing, industrial, agricultural interests, restaurants and resorts, office buildings, retail centers, and other commercial properties.  He has represented both lenders and borrowers and assisted them in finding resolutions without engaging in litigation.  He has also represented both lenders and borrowers in trustee sales, civil litigation, and receivership actions in both Federal and State Court, including trials held before a jury.  He has recovered large sums for clients, domesticated judgments in foreign jurisdictions, and assisted clients throughout the United Statement, as well as foreign countries, as they have pursue collections on judgments in Arizona.  He has also collected on judgments in several foreign jurisdictions outside of Arizona.

Commercial Real Estate Representation and Clients

Mr. Fletcher currently represents both large and small owners of retail, office, and industrial real estate. Among his clientele include the world’s largest owner of retail shopping centers, as well as one of the largest REIT that owns retail properties. Some of Mr. Fletcher’s clients own one or two commercial buildings and/or urban centers. Through Mr. Fletcher’s years of experience, he has represented landlords in many areas including default of commercial leases due to non-payment of rents and other lease violations, to various collection activities including lockouts, landlord lien sales, forceful entry and detainer actions and general civil litigation.

Bankruptcy Representation and Clients

Mr. Fletcher currently represents various landlords and lenders with their creditor’s interests in various Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases. He has filed motions for stay relief and sought other creditor remedies.  Moreover, Mr. Fletcher has assisted various real estate developers as they have sought to restructure their debt both in and out of the bankruptcy process. He has successfully confirmed Chapter 11 plans of reorganization for companies in the area of real estate, entertainment, manufacturing, and for those providing professional services. He also handles a wide range of debtor cases including professionals and consumers seeking bankruptcy relief.