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Deborah Moskovitch

Deborah Moskovitch is a Divorce Coach supporting people in having more positive outcomes from their divorce, for a happier and healthier future. She understands divorce, because she has been through her own seven-year struggle that ended more than 10 years ago. That process inspired Deborah to hunt for less painful ways to manage the divorce process and share it with others. Since then, she has researched and shared proven strategies and advice from 100 of North American’s top divorce lawyers, financial advisors, counselors and other experts in her best selling resource book, The Smart Divorce, now in its third printing.
Responding to the demand for “neutral” support, Deborah founded,The Smart Divorce® to provide informative resources,  support coaching and powerful educational tools to empower and free people during this difficult time. As a Divorce Coach, she provides private one-on-one coaching, events, and other unique divorce support services for individuals and for organizations across North America. The Smart Divorce® is your one stop shop for cost effective divorce support.

Deborah is a leading authority, writer, public speaker and media opinion leader on the divorce process. She works with businesses and individuals worldwide by telephone, skype, or in person at her office.  If you are interested in getting in touch email [email protected] or call 905-695-0270.
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