Financial Poise

Brian Knight

Brian R. Knight, Co-Founder and Vice President for Platform Services at CrowdCheck, has experience as both an attorney and an entrepreneur.  Brian has served as an attorney in the private sector and for the Federal Government.  He also started and ran Publius Incorporated, a business focused on improving constituent communications with elected officials.  Brian brings his unique experience with both the legal and entrepreneurial worlds to CrowdCheck, allowing him to effectively address the needs of startups.
Prior to co-founding CrowdCheck, Brian worked out of the well-known Tech Ranch incubator in Austin, Texas on Publius.  He merged Publius into Ballotbook Corp., where he served as General Counsel and Chief Operations Officer before leaving to work on CrowdCheck full time.  Through this experience Brian fell in love with being an entrepreneur and gained firsthand insight into the challenges facing small businesses. Prior to moving to Austin, Brian served in the General Counsel’s office of the Central Intelligence Agency and with a firm specializing in commercial litigation.

Brian has a B.A. from the College of William and Mary and a J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law.  Brian is a husband, dog-father, fair-to-middlin barbeque cook, and member of the North Carolina Bar.