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Protecting Your Employee Assets: The Life Cycle of the Employment Relationship 2023

Protecting Your Employee Assets Video Webinar Series

This webinar series approaches the employer-employee relationship from beginning to end, including hiring and onboarding, policy and procedure development, training, wage and hour compliance, accommodating disabilities, conducting investigations and considerations when ending the relationship.

Time for a Break: Managing Leaves of Absence and Accommodating Disabilities

Premiere Date: July 19, 2023

Your business likely functions more effectively when your employees are at work doing the work you hired them to perform?

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It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye: Minimizing Risk When Terminating Employees

Premiere Date: June 21, 2023

This webinar discusses the various issues you should consider not only when you are making the decision to terminate but also in the weeks and months that lead up to that point.

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I Know What You Did Last Summer: Workplace Investigations

Premiere Date: May 24, 2023

It also explores the investigation process and provides guidance from a seasoned investigator

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The Impact of Communicable Diseases, Including Coronavirus, on the Workplace

Premiere Date: April 19, 2023

What kinds of things might an employer do to lessen the impact of a communicable disease disaster on their business?

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Show Them the Money: Wage & Hour Compliance

Premiere Date: March 29, 2023

This webinar delves into the mistakes commonly made by employers and endeavors to provide attendees with the tools needed to help find and fix potential wage and hour pitfalls.

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An Ounce of Prevention: Policies, Procedures and Proactivity

Premiere Date: February 22, 2023

This webinar presents practical advice for employers looking to put themselves in the best position possible to not only defend against employment-related claims but—hopefully—to help avoid them in the first place.

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Welcome to the Team! Recruiting and Hiring, Including Restrictive Covenants

Premiere Date: January 25, 2023

This webinar explores these and other issues so that you can be confident, going forward, that you are starting off on the right foot—legally, at least—when you hire new employees.

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