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Strategic Planning

succession planning, succession planning process

When it comes to Succession Planning: Plan “B” Is Always Plan “A”

Learn from our succession planning and business leadership experts about the right (and wrong) ways to approach succession planning.

tax-efficient portfolio investing client

Tax-Efficient Portfolio Management: Tips and Tricks for Investors

Fiduciaries must also offer a careful review of the probable tax impact of any investment strategy — without a tax-efficient focus, their work remains incomplete.

Financial Poise Radio

Episode 91 – Jeff Pomerantz – President of the American Bankruptcy Institute

In Episode 91, Chris Cahill and Jeff Pomerantz, President of the American Bankruptcy Institute and member of Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones LLP, discuss retail and Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Financial Poise Radio

Episode 90 – Jeff Kelley & John Drachman – Equity Institutional / Alpha Segment

In this show, Jeff Kelley of Equity Institutional (an asset custodian) and John Drachman of Alpha Segment (a Series 7 Registered Representative) offer their perspectives on the “fiduciary rule.”

Motivations for Pursuing Growth by M&A: 7 ‘C’ Incentives for Doing a Deal

While we have outlined some of the motivating factors in pursuing an M&A transaction below, it is important to note that investors who seek growth are often willing to follow this risky path as they perceive the potential positive outcome outweighing the inherent risks. As always, the complement vs. supplement comparison of performing acquisitions is applied. The Seven C’s for doing a deal follow.