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Stock Market Fundamentals

When Stocks Decline, Alternative Investments May Help (Part 2)

Diversification is Almost Always a Winning Strategy As noted in “When Stocks Decline, Alternative Investments May Help (Part 1),” the impact of asset allocation on volatility and returns has been widely debated, but a landmark study from the CFA Institute found that between 1974 and 1983, diversifying among a variety of asset classes – and […]

alternative assets in a bear market

When Stocks Decline, Alternative Investments May Help (Part 1)

With Bear Market Approaching, Diversification an Attractive Option Someday you may be asked: “Where were you on March 9, 2009?” For market historians, that day marked the bottom of the Great Recession: the S&P 500 had just sunk below 700 for the first time in 13 years. Goldman Sachs warned investors that the S&P could […]

hedge fund performance

Three Ways to Drastically Improve Portfolio Performance with Hedge Funds Based on Your Financial Goals

A Primer on Hedge Fund and Portfolio Performance Evaluating hedge fund performance is challenging because it involves many different investment strategies employed by thousands of funds across a global $3.2 trillion industry. While many investors will analyze a previous track record to help determine which funds they should choose, that approach rarely leads to a […]

stock market volatility

Keep Calm: Don’t (Over)React to Stock Market Volatility

Stock Market Volatility Circles Back Around Stock market volatility isn’t a new concept, especially for baby boomer women who have lived through some of the market’s most tumultuous times. However, with headlines proclaiming catastrophic losses and record point drops for popular indices such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average, it can be easy to get […]

Rethinking Hedge Fund Performance and Fees

Editor’s note: The hedge fund industry faces tough times. In September, Financial Poise reported that an increasing number of America’s biggest pension funds and endowments complained about fees and underperformance. Bloomberg weighed in on the same issue last week. Below, Caroline Rasmussen of the alternative investment platform iCapital Network explains why she believes investors still need […]

Growth Potential

Foundations and Endowments are Concerned with Hedge Fund Fees and Performance

A recent Q2 NEPC Foundation and Endowment Poll reported that some foundations and endowments are re-evaluating or reducing their allocations to hedge funds.

Private Stock Market

The Evolving Secondary Market for Private Stock

Increasingly, the private market is where the action is. And accredited investors are in the best position to take advantage of it.The shift in focus from public to private has been ongoing. Value creation is occurring in the private markets that is no longer accessible in the public markets.

Amid Stock-Market Volatility, Investments in Hollywood Can Beat Odds

Investing in Hollywood has always been and will remain an emotionally charged activity that historical data clearly illustrates is a risky business. Unfortunately, its allure can dissuade normal investment logic and the advent of more powerful technology has likely increased investor risks, making it easier to produce more films that business logic does not favor.

How Not to Buy Pre-IPO Shares

This newspaper has published a number of articles to help investors understand how to purchase pre-IPO shares and the potential risks and rewards of doing so. Our first foray into the area was an article written by Robert Rapp, which discussed the then-newly announced joint venture between SharesPost, Inc. and NASAQ OMX Group to launch a secondary market trading platform for the purchase and sale of private company securities.

Pre-IPO Shares

Pre-IPO Shares: Red Hot But Risky

The recent IPO success of Uber, Facebook, Airbnb and others, have many investors interested in getting an ownership stake prior to the IPO offering. Prior? Yes, prior. In days past, getting in on a “hot IPO” was something some investors would seek to do as a risky yet potentially rewarding strategy. Today, however, more and more investors are seeking to “get in” earlier.

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