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Little-Known IRA Rollover Rule Has Big Consequences

Knowing your IRA rollover rules can minimize unexpected taxes and penalties. Find out why traditional IRA rollovers aren’t as simple as they seem.

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Military Saving For Retirement

Military Saving for Retirement

Military life comes with its own unique struggles and benefits, the military retirement plan being just one of them. This paper intends to explore the ramifications of the new military retirement plan and other military financial experiences.

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U.S. Labor Department Fiduciary Rule Sets New Standard for Retirement Advice

A new rule setting limits on the advice that brokers can offer to retirement savers was released by the U.S. Labor Department Wednesday, requiring advisers to put their clients’ interest ahead of their own. This measure is expected to save Americans billions of dollars in fees while driving pro-consumer reforms of the stock brokerage, mutual fund and insurance industries, say proponents.

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A Few Minutes With…Sandy Chaikin, Co-Founder of Chaikin Analytics

Sandy Chaikin is Co-Founder of Chaikin Analytics, a ground-breaking desktop and mobile stock research and analysis platform. With no prior experience, Sandy started investing in 2012 with Chaikin Analytics and built a portfolio that has consistently outperformed the S&P 500 and most money managers. She spotted the two best-performing stocks of 2014 and bought at the right time – both stocks rose over 125% during that year. Sandy is living proof that you don’t have to be a financial expert to pick winning stocks.

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