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The Great Lakes Boom

Investing in the Great Lakes Boom

Climate migration and water scarcity will lead to an economic boom for the Great Lakes Basin. Is Great Lakes investing the new revolution?

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Free Enterprise, John Marshall

What Is ‘Free Enterprise’?

In 1800, John Peck purchased Yazoo Land from a New England land company. Read about the ensuing legal battle that defined ‘Free Enterprise’.

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real estate investments

3 Real Estate Investment Types and Cash Flow Potential

Optimizing Returns in Core, Value-Add, and Development Real Estate When considering real estate investment types, a variety of factors influence the stability of your cash flow. Those factors also influence […]

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new home construction

Inside the Mechanics of the Latest Housing Market Index Dip

Investors are clutching the pearls upon the release of the most recent Wells Fargo/NAHB Housing Index (HMI) reading of 46 today, missing the expected reading of 47. This marks its […]

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Housing Market Data is Not as Rosy as Some Think

We keep expecting a housing bubble to look like it did in 2008. It won’t… but that doesn’t mean it’s not coming.

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Investing in Gold

3 Tangible Asset Investments to Delight Your Inner Child

Get high returns by diversifying your portfolio with tangible assets like sports memorabilia, fine art and precious metals. Invest in an existing hobby and diversify with your diversion.

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Challenges and Crisis in the US Farm Sector

Considering investing in the farming sector? Understand the many challenges that farmers and investors have faced from the 1980s until now in the US.

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Real Estate as an Inflation Hedge? Bidders Beware!

Real Estate as an Inflation Hedge? Bidders Beware!

Rising inflation is an ongoing concern for the general public, but also for investors. Are your real estate investments safe against inflation? Find out if real estate is truly a hedge against inflation.

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Low-income Housing

Want to Invest in Opportunity Zones? 5 Reasons to Target Low-Income Housing Tax Credits

Here’s why you should combine your investment in opportunity zone funds with the rich tax benefits of low-income housing tax credits.

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Alternative Investments

Alternative Asset Investments May Help When Stocks Decline

It’s not smart to put all your eggs in one basket. Investors should consider alternative asset investments to protect against volatility.

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