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Get Financially Fit – By Michelle Gershfeld

A Financial Poise column dedicated to the idea that your financial health starts with how successfully you manage your money.

Damage Repair Scam Victims

Protect Your Money: Learn from Damage Repair Scam Victims

Michelle Gershfeld is a debt settlement and bankruptcy attorney who negotiates settlements between clients and their creditors. Michelle turns debt relief into an additional revenue stream for Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice lawyers. Through analyzing the debt and then bargaining and negotiating with the creditors,

Rent Credit Card Student Loan debt

How Much Is Too Much to Spend on Your Rent And/or Freedom?

Failure to make your rent or credit card payments can mar your credit, result in a judgment against you and even garnishment of your wages. Find out how to avoid life’s common spending traps.

Scams against senior citizens fraud

Scams Against Seniors

Unfortunately, the elderly are frequent targets of fraud. Here’s how you can protect yourself and your family.

stolen mail identity theft protect yourself

Stolen Mail: What to do when you’re the victim of identity theft

Stealing mail is a criminal federal offense. Not in a million years did Lila expect to not trust her own mail carrier—or that he would so cavalierly breach his fiduciary duties to her and to the members of her community.

inheritance emotions family

Inheritance and Crisis: How to Handle Your Complicated New Reality

Jake’s relationship with his mother, Lily, was always a little rocky. Things were fine when they were apart—they would talk on the phone like old pals. But, when they were together, their time inevitably turned rotten. She criticized Jake from the moment he walked back into his childhood home. It was like being ten years old again.

Debt negotiation helped resolve a tragedy

How a False Arrest Almost Destroyed His Financial Life

How a strategic debt negotiation prevented a cautionary tale from becoming a tragedy.

AT APPROXIMATELY 1:45 on the afternoon of April 23, 2014, Scotty Fuentes was detained by officers of the New York City Police Department in the Bronx. The police officers apparently believed that Scotty was acting as a look-out for a game of “three card monte.”

Scotty denied any wrongdoing.

Financial liability is never just about the money

The Real Cost of Liability

On a bright August Sunday in 2015, Brian and Denise Neighbor, and their three children, were invited for swimming and a barbecue. It was held at the home of Matthew and Tyra Friend, who have three children of their own. The Friends recently added an in-ground pool, and most weekends the two families would spend one or both weekend days at the Friend home. But on this August Sunday, something went wrong. Everyone knew it when Matthew Friend bolted into his house, screaming for someone to call 911.

Should Your Child Get a Student Credit Card?

Rachel and Deanna, mother and daughter, had a difference of opinion. You see, Deanna received mail this week from 1st Financial Bank. Inside, three separate documents invited her to apply for a student credit card. Deanna wanted the card. Rachel was hesitant, and rightfully so. Let me explain why…

Financial Decision of Being a Mother

Family Financial Decisions and the Choice to Be a Mother

Discuss the sensitive subject of motherhood and working wives before you find yourself in an emotionally entrenched situation threatening your family’s stability. Ask tough questions now and answer them honestly together, for the sake of your family’s future.

There is no excuse to not have a living will

Your Living Will: Are You Truly Prepared?

A living will provides, in detail, specific medical treatments you want to be used to be kept alive under various circumstances. Your living will explains how to address your pain management and your decisions regarding organ donation.

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