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customer relationship management

Customer Relationship Management is the Key to Retaining Customers

Let’s Make this (Customer) Relationship Work The customer relationship is one of the most important relationships a business will have. As companies grow, expanding their customer base, their sales and marketing activities can become vastly more complicated. Companies that have more than ten customers and two employees probably need some way to manage those customer […]

customer centric

Increase Sales and Profits by Becoming Customer Centric

Customer Centric Means It’s Not All About You Customer centric: a fancy phrase for a very basic concept. It means focusing on what your customers want and need. Yet for such a basic concept, it amazes me how many companies fail to understand their customers. Sadly, I also know too many companies whose customer experience […]

Amazon and Wells Fargo Team Up to Share Benefits 

Back in May, Financial Poise featured an article, Social Media and the Future of Credit:? A?New Reason to Invest in Facebook? which discussed the possibility of economic advances through social media. Since then, a new collaboration of two major corporations, Amazon and Wells Fargo Bank, was reported by the Washington Post. The new partnership was noted […]