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Crowdfund Investing: The Newest Lottery or a Legitimate Asset Allocation Strategy?

Indeed, there is a lot about Wefunder that we like and the sentiment above is fairly typical of portals that will offer crowdfunding to non-accredited investors through Title III of the JOBS Act. It is precisely because the sentiment is common that we feel compelled to comment on it, though original our comment is not. We think New York Times columnist Andrew Sorkin was dead on back in April, 2012 when he wrote…

An Argument Against Investing Through Equity Crowdfunding as Currently Proposed

The handwringing by the SEC over the JOBS Act is not without justification. The real issue is about investors not understanding what they are getting into. The financial acumen regarding intricacies of an investment isn’t determined by an investor’s net worth. It is determined by experience and knowledge, neither of which are parameters under the JOBS Act. While part of the issue is about disclosure, the rest is about the investor understanding the issues and pitfalls.

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A few minutes with… Ryan Caldbeck, CEO, CircleUp

CircleUp is an equity crowdfunding platform, presently open only to accredited investors, which primarily features existing U.S. consumer products companies. Ryan Caldbeck, CircleUp’s CEO spoke with AIMkts about raising capital, their focus retail and consumer goods and CircleUp’s presence as an investment platform.

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5 Tips to help investors pick the right crowdfunding platform

In my role as an Investor Executive at CircleUp, an equity based crowdfunding site focused on the consumer and retail market, I spend most of my day talking with investors. One question I’m asked all the time is what Robe de Soirée is the difference between the various crowdfunding platforms? Here are some guidelines to help investors navigate the landscape.

A Very Basic Primer on Pre-IPO Markets

Whereas crowdfunding can be thought of as a primary market, a pre-IPO market is a secondary market. Stated another way, crowdfunding involves the sale of restricted securities by the issuer of such securities whereas a pre-IPO market is one where a holder of restricted securities can sell them to a third party.

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