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Commercial Litigation

measuring the loss of trade secret theft

Case Assessment on Trade Secret Misappropriation

Estimating Economic Loss in Trade Secrets Cases The number of civil and criminal trade secret cases filed have substantially increased in recent years. In April of 2019, a former Garrett Popcorn employee was accused of stealing trade secrets, and just days before, an ex-GE engineer reportedly stole trade secrets for China. The rise in trade secrets […]

The New York City Bar Versus The Litigation Funding Industry

The New York City Bar Versus the Litigation Funding Industry

Let’s Talk Litigation Funding A July 30, 2018, legal ethics opinion from the New York City Bar Association (“NYCBA”) raises concerns about a common structure used for funding of litigation. In particular, the NYCBA Professional Ethics Committee concludes: “Under Rule 5.4(a) [of the New York Rules of Professional Conduct], a lawyer may not enter into […]

Bankruptcy Litigation

Common Bankruptcy Litigation Scenarios — Venue Fights

In bankruptcy litigation, the venue can have a major influence on an outcome. Expert members of the Financial Poise Faculty—each a partner or managing director in the restructuring industry—discuss why venue fights occur and how practitioners should approach selecting venue or challenging venue in a bankruptcy case.

Column Takes Aim at the Topic of Fraud

Hello, my name is Adam Hirsch. Welcome to “(Alleged) Frauds, Fakes and Ponzis,” a column dedicated to exploring, explaining and occasionally making light of the world of business fraud. This column is dedicated to the proposition that most of the time, there’s not a cartoon villain or a pre-determined outcome. By way of example, consider the multiple fraud schemes that have ensnared — you guessed it — lawyers.

Financial Poise Radio

Episode 76 with Jonathan Friedland

Financial Poise Radio host Chris Cahill interviews Financial Poise founder Jonathan Friedland. They discuss the roots of Financial Poise in educating investors about alternative assets, providing distressed deal data and marketing modes, presenting carefully selected and edited writings, and producing webinars on a strict NON pay-to-play basis.

A Few Minutes With…Adam Hirsch

Soon, Hirsch will share his thoughts on current events and legal issues in the world of commercial fraud in a new column called “(Alleged) Frauds, Fakes and Ponzis.”
In this interview, Hirsch discusses his background, and why commercial fraud is a subject not easily generalized.

Episode 42 with Bob Labate – Investments in Independent Movies

How to monetize investment in specific independent film projects. Episode 42 of Accredited Investor Markets Radio host Christopher Cahill discusses the independent film industry with Bob Labate. The odds against return are high, and Mr. LaBate — who practices and teaches both entertainment law and financial restructuring law — introduces us to the principal components of film production, costs, and investment modes.