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Musings and More About “Market” Terms in Transactions

An Overreliance on Market Terms Business professionals commonly negotiate transactions by reference to what is “market.” This makes great sense for the people who are responsible for negotiating price. Valuation and pricing methods are relatively tried and true after all, and math is an exact science. This is not to suggest that buyers and sellers […]

Business Borrowing Basics — Negotiating A Loan Agreement

Learn how to negotiate a loan agreement for your business, and find out which type of loan can best help your company grow and succeed.


Fraud using the JOBS Act is alive and well, but don’t let it scare you away

Recent fraud charges, filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission against USA Real Estate Fund 1 of Spokane Valley, Wash., should serve as a reminder to investors that the JOBS Act, while presenting real opportunities, also creates a host of new ways for fraudsters to try to rip people off.