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a woman shops at a second hand shop, embodying budgeting tips an frugal living

5 Frugal Living Tips for Tightening Your Budget

These 5 costly mistakes may be keeping you from frugal living. Get budgeting tips from the house to the gas station that will help you save.

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Timeshare vacation rental

4 Reasons Timeshares Are a Scam

Timeshare ownership is a popular way to vacation each year, but beware: purchasers don’t get the benefits of a true real estate investment.

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A stack of cards that will easily expand your credit card debt.

Money Basics Series #3: Managing Credit Card Debt

Debt management starts with tracking and reducing credit card debt. Form better spending habits with these tips and tricks.

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Money Basics Series #2: Painless Budgeting

Let’s assume you’ve already read Installment #1 of the Money Basics Series. You checked your credit score and chose your bank. Now you can better identify areas where you need […]

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A hand cuts coupons as part of a frugal living strategy.

How Living Frugally Creates a Richer Life

Don’t let the current psychology of spending empty your wallet. Learn how to save your money with these frugal living tips.

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Saving for College

10 Ways to Save on College Costs

Recent legislation attempts to clarify parents’ true cost of college. With some care and preparation, you really can save on college costs.

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