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improve banking relationships

Guidelines to Improve Banking Relationships (What Does Edgar Allan Poe Have to Do With It?)

Good Character and Cash Flow Improve Banking Relationships Typically, there is significant triage to be done before determining if you can improve banking relationships. Most often, the problems come back to cash flow and misunderstanding what banks do. While Boards do not manage bank relationships directly, they are responsible for the firm’s capital structure, and […]

Banks Not Trustworthy

Don’t Get Caught in Your Bank’s Trap

Most banks serve their customers well. But some are just trying to use you. Find out how Bank of America tried to squeeze more interest out of a client by ignoring him.

Pick a Bank That Suits Your Financial Needs

How to Pick a Bank That Best Suits Your Financial Needs

Shortly after graduating college, Nancy was fortunate to get a job in Texas.  Making the move from New Jersey to Texas left Nancy thinking about issues that never occurred to her as a child or as a student.  She had done her “banking” through her parents’ account (and generosity) at the university’s automated teller machine. […]

Alternative Financing

When the Bank Says No – Hello, Alternative Financing

Even a reasonably healthy business may run short of cash at certain points. Traditional lenders, faced with regulatory constraints and other limitations, may not be able to act quickly enough to be helpful. Other borrowers may have a sudden need for a loan in order to take advantage of an unexpected opportunity. Enter, “alternative financing” — financing provided by a party other than a bank or credit union