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Valuation Based on Early Angel Deal Is Usually Misleading

There are at least two reasons why early valuations are often misleading. First, the early investor might be (a) investing for strategic or even charitable reasons, rather than primarily financial reasons, or (b) a sucker. In either case, the angel may agree to an inflated valuation to help the entrepreneur, or so they believe, get even bigger valuations in later rounds of equity financing.

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Episode 60 with David S. Rose

Exponential tech in Episode 60 of Accredited Investor Markets Radio with host Chris Cahill and David S. Rose of Gust, an online platform used by more than a half million entrepreneurs in 190 countries to connect and collaborate with over 75,000 accredited investors. They speak about the dramatic changes occurring in the global marketplace for capital in resulting scalable enterprises.

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3 Categories of Startup Growth Potential

If return on investment is your primary reason for angel investing, then you should assess a company’s long-term growth potential before buying its shares. Invest only in companies with high growth potential, among other positive characteristics such as strong management teams and revenue forecasts.

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Venture Capital in 2015, From an Angel Investor’s Perspective

In a recent update at his blog Musings of an Entrepreneur, Fabian Grinda argues that low interest rates, many dollars chasing relatively few deals, and resources available from incubators, are working in tandem to make companies stay private longer.

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Episode 27 with David Drake

Angels in America and elsewhere is the topic of discussion between David Drake, founder and chairman of LDJ Capital and The Soho Loft Media Group, and Christopher Cahill, host of Accredited Investor Markets Radio. Join them in Episode 27 as they cover angel networks here and abroad; and how angels are recruited into them or drawn in otherwise, creating important stores of early-stage capital to start-ups. Drake also compares trends in angel investor networks in the US versus Europe, based upon his extensive experience in both.

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Angel Investing Technology

A Few Minutes with… Propel(x) CEO Swati Chaturvedi

Propel(x) is an online angel investing platform focused on the niche of “deep technology” startups – that is, startups that are founded on a true technological innovation or scientific discovery. Prior to starting Propel(x), Swati Chaturvedi, its co-founder and CEO, previously worked in management consulting and investing, most recently at Exigen Capital and before that at Siemens Venture Capital. Swati is also the co-founder and coordinator of an angel investors group for MIT alumni in the SF Bay Area.

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A Few Minutes with… Henry Ward, CEO of eShares

eShares issues electronic shares for private companies and then acts as the registration agent for those companies. To use the service, a company sets up an account and designates certain people who can issue and sign certificates. eShares then manages the workflow of getting existing shares entered into the system.

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