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Alternative Finance

Digital Currency in Portfolio

Digital Currency in Your Portfolio

Is now the right time for digital currency investment? Here’s what you should consider before allocating money towards Bitcoin.

High interest rate debt

When Is it Appropriate to Take on High Interest Rate Debt?

Business owners should educate themselves on non-bank capital alternatives, such as high interest rate debt. Most businesses face adversity at some point. Understanding what options are available can be the difference between success and failure.

Unified Managed Accounts Are Able to Include Alternative Assets

The growing interest in unified managed accounts is amplified by investor demand for portfolio diversification to limit risk, enable better returns and achieve long-term household financial goals.

Episode 62 with Philippe de Lapérouse

In Episode 62 of Accredited Investor Markets Radio, host Chris Cahill chats with Philippe de Lapérouse, Managing Director of HighQuest Partners, who advises major strategic and financial investors operating and investing globally across the food, biotech and bioenergy value chains.

Tangible Assets - Gold Coins

It’s Wall Street vs China – How Should Investors View Gold Now?

iDisclose is a new web-based, do-it-yourself, automated PPM generator that is much more than a mere template. iDisclose operates much as TurboTax does: The way you answer one question opens up a customized set of drill-down follow-up questions, so the entire document is granularly customized for each issuer. It works for a range of securities, including preferred and common stock as well as convertible debt.

A Few Minutes With…Neha Manaktala, CEO and Co-founder, DealIndex

Neha Manaktala is co-founder & CEO of DealIndex, a young alternative finance aggregator. Founded in 2014, DealIndex is part of The Grow VC Group. Manaktala has a background as an entrepreneur and finance professional with experience in investment banking, private equity and startups.

Episode 50 with Jeff Kelley & John Drachman

In Episode 50, Accredited Investor Markets Radio speaks with Jeff Kelley of Equity Institutional and John Drachman of Alpha Segment, about alternative investment custodial services, i.e., how interests in alternative assets are held and transferred.

A Few Minutes With … Marshall Saunders, Managing Partner, SaundersDailey

Marshall Saunders is a real estate veteran with two decades of experience and the co-founder and managing partner of SaundersDailey, an online investment marketplace connecting investors to exclusive real estate opportunities, with low minimum investments, in select markets throughout the Midwest.

Emerging Secondary Market for Crowdfunded Securities

Crowdfunded equity investments are generally illiquid because there is no organized secondary market for crowdfunded shares. Secondary markets will emerge, however, not only for private securities in general, but some for crowdfunded shares specifically, as securities crowdfunding grows and evolves. In fact, the first secondary market for CF shares is scheduled to launch in September: I’m talking about CFX Markets.

Alternative Financing

When the Bank Says No – Hello, Alternative Financing

Even a reasonably healthy business may run short of cash at certain points. Traditional lenders, faced with regulatory constraints and other limitations, may not be able to act quickly enough to be helpful. Other borrowers may have a sudden need for a loan in order to take advantage of an unexpected opportunity. Enter, “alternative financing” — financing provided by a party other than a bank or credit union