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Special Webinar Series: Bare Bone Board Basics for the Private Company 2022

This sixteen-episode webinar series brings together some of the foremost experts in private company governance to discuss everything you need to know about private company board of directors. From the different types of boards and to how to conduct effective meetings through risk management and the formation of committees. In partnership with the Private Directors Association, Executive Forum, Private Director Symposium and ChamberWise, this series is the most comprehensive learning on the board of directors basics. Learn More.


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Restructuring for Reporters Webinar

Restructuring for Reporters: A Nuts & Bolts Bootcamp to Help Journalists Understand Chapter 11 and its Alternatives

March 17, 2021

This 75 minute webinar takes the form of a conversation between Miriam Gottfried, a reporter with The Wall Street Journal and Jonathan Friedland, a partner with the Sugar Felsenthal law firm and principal author of two leading treatises about business bankruptcy.

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Opportunity Amidst Crisis Webinar

Opportunity Amidst Crisis Webinar

June 23, 2020

This is an in-depth learning opportunity for business owners, corporate directors and officers, private equity professionals, and others seeking to learn the ins and outs of dealing with a financially distressed company – whether running one, buying one, or trying to get paid by one.

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Buying, Selling & Working Out Distressed Assets in a Post-Pandemic Environment

Buying, Selling & Working Out Distressed Assets in a Post-Pandemic Environment

October 14, 2020

Property owners are experiencing unprecedented uncertainty and volatility and are struggling to keep afloat. Asset values have declined, workout discussions are in process with defaults and foreclosures imminent. Our panelists represent the capital, legal and advisory services that owners and their representatives will want to know more about.

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