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Restructuring for Reporters: A Nuts & Bolts Bootcamp to Help Journalists Understand Chapter 11 and its Alternatives

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About the Webinar

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About the Webinar

This 75 minute webinar takes the form of a conversation between Miriam Gottfried, a reporter with The Wall Street Journal and Jonathan Friedland, a partner with the Sugar Felsenthal law firm and principal author of two leading treatises about business bankruptcy.

Questions addressed about chapter 11 bankruptcy include:

  • What alternatives to chapter 11 exist for a company in financial distress?
  • How does a company go about deciding where to file chapter 11?
  • What’s a “first day motion?”
  • What does the lifecycle of a typical chapter 11 look like?
  • What does it mean to be the “fulcrum security?”
  • What is the “absolute priority rule?”
  • And many more!


Miriam Gottfried
Reporter, The Wall Street Journal
[email protected]

Short bio. Miriam Gottfried is a reporter for The Wall Street Journal where she covers private equity. Prior to that, she wrote commentary about investing in media, telecommunications and retail for the Journal's Heard on the Street column. Miriam has written for Barron's magazine, SmartMoney, Forbes, Crain's Chicago Business and The Oregonian. She holds a Master of Arts with a concentration in business and economics from the Columbia University School of Journalism.

Jonathan P. Friedland
Principal Author & Editor-in-Chief, Strategic Alternatives For and Against Distressed Businesses (Thomson Reuters, 2021)
[email protected]

Short bio: Jonathan P. Friedland is the lead author of two significant treatises about corporate restructuring, including chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code: Strategic Alternatives For and Against Distressed Businesses and Commercial Bankruptcy Litigation, each published yearly by Thomson Reuters and collectively weighing in at more than 2,500 pages with contributions from nearly 150 leading practitioners.Jonathan is also a senior partner of the Sugar Felsenthal law firm and is publisher of DailyDAC/Financial Poise.