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New Small Business Advisor Webinar Premiering January 27, 2021

Leading Professionals to Teach About Small Business and Start-Ups

Financial Poise Webinars™ announces “The Very Basics: Forming the Business”, a live webinar premiering January 27th at 1:00 PM CST. This webinar is co-produced by West LegalEdCenter™ and part of the “The Start-Up/Small Business Advisor” series. It will feature Robert Londin (Jaspan Schlesinger LLP); Leslee Cohen (Hershman Cohen LLC); and J. Richard Claywell (The Office of J. Richard Claywell, CPA).

This webinar focuses on business formation and the pros and cons to the different legal structures.

So, you are an entrepreneur and want to start your own business (or you are an attorney, accountant, or other professional advisor working with one). One of the first decisions required is to choose a legal structure for the business and the jurisdiction of entity organization. What factors should be taken into consideration prior to selecting a legal structure and jurisdiction? Does a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company or corporation (C- or S-corp) make the most sense? This webinar focuses on business formation and the pros and cons to the different legal structures, and includes tips on how to keep one’s personal assets safe from the claims of future creditors of the business.

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Note: If you or your firm are subscribed to West LegalEdCenter™, this webinar is included in your subscription at no additional cost.

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