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New Alternative Dispute Resolution (2023-2024 Ed.) – Webinar Premiering May 16, 2023

Leading Professionals to Teach About Alternative Dispute Resolution

Financial Poise Webinars™ announces “Conducting the Mediation,” a live webinar premiering  May 16th at 1:00 PM CST. This webinar is co-produced by West LegalEdCenter™ and part of the “Alternative Dispute Resolution 2023” series. It will feature Ingeuneal C. Gray, Esq. (American Arbitration Association); Leslie A. Berkoff (Moritt Hock & Hamroff LLP); Byeongsook Seo (Snell & Wilmer); and Elizabeth J. Shampnoi (Shampnoi Dispute Resolution and Management Services, Inc.).

In this session we will review the mediation process itself.

In this session we will review the mediation process itself. We will discuss the pros and cons of starting in joint session and/or caucus, including opening remarks by counsel and/or parties. We will discuss when to consider asking for a private caucus, or even an attorneys-only session. Understanding how to best arm/assist the mediator to facilitate the process. Ensuring your client is prepared for the session both from understanding the process to having the right information or people available to answer questions or guide the same. Why creativity can be a key element of the process. Tips on working through impasse. Recognizing the benefits of mediation even if you don’t resolve the matter at that time and positioning the matter for settlement in the future.

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Note: If you or your firm are subscribed to West LegalEdCenter™, this webinar is included in your subscription at no additional cost.

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