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Private Offering Exemptions and Private Placements

Stocks and bonds are easily recognizable as securities, but did you know that promissory notes may also be securities? So can certain joint venture interests and many other types of investment contracts. Then there are cryptocurrency altcoins, which are sometimes securities and sometimes not.
How do you identify a security? What are some of the requirements related to offering and selling securities? How do they differ between private and public companies? What happens if you fail to comply with securities laws? How has legislation like the JOBS Act, the FAST Act changed the way in which companies offer and sell their securities?
In this webinar our expert panel provides you with a high-level overview of the federal securities laws as well as tangible examples and practical advice in answer to these and many more questions.

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Webinar Faculty


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Vanessa J. Schoenthaler

Vanessa J. Schoenthaler focuses her practice on corporate and securities matters with an emphasis on private and public securities transactions, compliance and disclosure obligations and corporate governance matters. Her clients… Read More


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Howard Groedel

Howard focuses his practice on securities law, securities regulatory and investigatory matters and corporate transactions. He counsels public and privately held companies in the issuance of debt and equity securities;… Read More

Leslee Cohen
Leslee Cohen

Leslee Cohen is the founder and Managing Partner of AllRise Legal Counsel. AllRise concentrates its transactional practice in securities and startup law, corporate finance, technology law, mergers and acquisitions and… Read More