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If you say the word “discovery” to a litigator, the reaction may not be kind. Discovery—the exchange of relevant information, usually in the form of documents or oral depositions, takes up the majority of a litigator’s time and costs clients the most money. This episode begins with a summary of the rules governing discovery. In particular, we discuss the new federal rules governing the preservation and discovery of electronic data and information, and the new concept of “proportionality” in discovery. We also discuss the practicalities of discovery: budgeting, tactics, and common opportunities and pitfalls. This hour demystifies a mystifying process, and to provide listeners with what they need to know to not get tripped up in litigation. At the very least, you will understand why the acronym “ESI” causes our panel to wince.

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Webinar Faculty


Joelle Shabat
Joelle Shabat

Joelle is currently a partner at Lawrence Kamin, LLC. She has represented a variety of business entities and individuals throughout the life of a case, from inception through trial and… Read More


Constance Grieves
Constance Grieves

Constance Grieves is an experienced commercial litigator and tireless advocate for individuals and businesses. Constance has successfully briefed and argued substantive motions while representing clients at all stages of litigation… Read More

Richard Hellerman
Richard Hellerman

Mr. Hellerman is a seasoned business litigation attorney, representing individuals and companies in a wide range of business disputes ranging from breach of contract to emergent litigation arising out of restrictive… Read More