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Episode 95 with Jorge Newbery


How do you give home owners in financial distress a way to relieve their mortgage woes? Jorge Newbery, Founder and CEO of American Homeowner Preservation, has some great options. In Episode 95 of Financial Poise Radio, he discusses many under-utilized methods that benefit both borrower and lender with host, Chris Cahill.

You can learn more about Jorge Newbery and American Homeowner Preservation here.

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Twitter: @JorgePNewbery

About Jorge Newbery

Jorge P. Newbery is on a mission to help Americans crushed by unaffordable debts.

Jorge P. Newbery is Founder and CEO of American Homeowner Preservation LLC, which crowdfunds the purchase of nonperforming mortgages from banks at big discounts, then shares the discounts with struggling homeowners. A 2004 natural disaster triggered the financial collapse of Newbery’s former business, leaving him with $26 million in debts he could not pay. Newbery rebuilt himself through AHP, sharing what he learned from his challenges to help families at risk of foreclosure stay in their homes.

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